The ice museum in Mazaurgues


Mazaugues in front of the Sainte Baume mountain.

Mazaugues is a small village of a few hundred inhabitants in the Var, between Brignoles and Saint-Maximin. The village has a museum, as small as the village, but very likable and instructive.

      pick axe and hook

Tools for working the ice

That museum explains the ice industry in the region during the 18th and 19th centuries: in the winter, snow and ice from the north face of the Sainte Baume mountain was stored in glacières (ice cellars) and then sold the rest of the year in the form of ice blocks, as far as Toulon and Marseille, to cool drinks, meat, fish, etc.


Entrance of the museum

Musée de la Glace
Hameau du Château
83136 Mazaugues
E-mail: Camille Dussol
Tel: +33 04 94 86 39 24 (Maison de l'Archéologie, Le Val)
Coordonnées: 43.34762°N, 5.92338°E

Opening hours:

Price (2012): € 2,50

The museum is accessible to wheelchairs.

Bert Bos
Created 16 January 2012