Gladiator and Gladiator Sans

Gladiator and Gladiator Sans are two font families that I created in January 1991, with occasional small improvements since. I made them with Metafont and then converted them to OpenType with the help of mftrace and fontforge (formerly pfaedit). The font currently covers ASCII and enough accents for several European languages. It has some ligatures, including an “ij” one. Here is a sample of Gladiator:


Gladiator is a transitional serif font with the following styles:

Gladiator Sans is a humanist sans-serif with the following styles:

To use them, download all .otf files from the directory and install them. Depending on your system, double click may be enough, or find the font configuration in your computer's “Settings” dialog.

The fonts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
Creative Commons License

Bert Bos, 23 August 2007