The school museum in Antibes

A small miracle, this school museum. Small, indeed, but there is a lot to see. And, moreover, the museum's team consists of enthusiastic volunteers who can tell a lot about the exhibited objects.

[Photo de l'entrée du musée.] The museum exists since November 2004 and is located at the corner of the Avenue de Verdun and the Square du 8 Mai 1945 (next to the école Paul Arène and the Salle du 8 Mai).

You can write there with pen and ink, leaf though school books (some more than 100 years old), be surprised by school material, and, if you have been at school in Antibes, find back old school photos.

And, because the team cannot know everything, maybe you can explain the meaning of some mysterious objects that aren't used in schools anymore nowadays.

Pay it a visit! Before the whole collection has been arranged behind glass and you can't touch anything anymore.

Musée Notre École
Av. de Verdun / Sq. du 8 Mai
06600 Antibes, France
Open October to April: Saturday & Sunday, 14:30-17:30
May, June and September: Saturday & Sunday, 15:00-18:00
July and August: Sunday, 15:00-18:00
Free entrance
tel.: +
(last update: February 2006)

The association “Notre École,” that manages the museum, has a Web site. (Attention: the address on the site is the address of the association, not of the museum.)

Bert Bos
Created February 2006